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How does LinguaNet work?

Basic Technical Details of The LinguaNet Messaging Provision

The current LinguaNet software comprises a front-end application program providing message manipulation and translation together with an optional back-end to enable peer-to-peer message transfer. It runs in Windows 95/98 or Windows NT 4.0. It uses standard Windows icons for ease of use with icon toolbox of commonly used forms. The messages may contain graphical information from files, scanners or digital cameras. JPEG picture compression reduces storage space and transmission time. The LinguaNet Service Provider for MAPI provides peer-to-peer connectivity over PSTN, ISDN or GSM. X400 transport has been successfully tested for LinguaNet and may be used where facilities exist. Gateways to X400 may also be set up. At present most LinguaNet users exchange messages, directly, between machines which are known to each other because there is no practical alternative. As the system grows and demand for more machines at a single site increases LinguaNet users may wish to set up a local server. They may also wish to utilise the other forms of transport for which LinguaNet has already been tested.

LinguaNet is two things in one

(i) an 'application layer' which contains interfaces in several languages and which enables users to construct concise police messages, with pictures where necessary, which are then readable, accurately, in several languages. It contains a free text option without translation.

(ii) a 'transport layer' which enables the messages to be exchanged between users. This is highly versatile and will run on most of the available systems. A unique piece of software was also created for LinguaNet to enable one Windows machine to "talk" directly to another. For a number of reasons, police users have chosen to use this direct option at present.

Each layer can be used independently and each can be adapted and extended indefinitely.

Linguanet Transport

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